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Who Do You Wish To Have Cocoa With?

8 Nov

I Love Hot Cocoa on a Snow Day

Wishcasting Wednesday: Who Do You Wish to Have Cocoa With?

I have been lucky enough to ski with a lot of incredible skiers over the years, and even luckier to have skied with some very generous ski instructors.  The ski season is approaching, and I’ll be at a new resort this year, meeting new people.  However, I’ll miss sitting around the fire (or bar, depending) with my cocoa, talking shop with my former (and hopefully future) instructors.

I appreciate all the advice and encouragement I’ve received over the years.  Their support and even love have always let me know that I belonged in the chairlift, that I was on the right path.  I wouldn’t be the same skier or the same instructor without them, and I hope everyone has a great season this year.

Let it snow.

How Do You Wish To Nourish Yourself?

2 Nov
Photo credit: colon+right.bracket @ Flickr

Photo credit: colon+right.bracket @ Flickr

Wishcasting Wednesday: How do you wish to nourish yourself?

I wish to nourish myself by exploring my faith.  I’m not sure what this means yet, but I want faith to become a bigger part of my life.  I would like to have faith in myself, faith in my friends and family, and faith in something larger that brings us all together.

Faith, or a lack thereof, has been a part of my core story all my life, but it’s always been ephemeral, never clearly defined.  Maybe that’s just the nature of faith, but I am hoping that I will learn where it fits into my new core story and how to let it nourish me.

* * *

What do you do to nourish your faith?  Or, how does your faith nourish you?

What Do I Wish to Let Go?

25 Oct
Photo credit: colon+right.bracket @ Flickr

Photo credit: colon+right.bracket @ Flickr

Wishcasting Wednesday: What Do I Wish to Let Go Of?

I wish to let go of the word should.

I’m feeling a lot of stress right now, and I’m exacerbating the problem by thinking, “Maybe I should do this.”  “Maybe I should have done it that way.”  “I wonder if I should…”

Those thoughts do not help me progress in any way.  Instead, they are a way for me to over-think and an attempt to control both the future and the past.

I wish to let go of the word should, and in doing so, help myself let go of my desire to over-think and my desire to control and micromanage.

What Do I Wish To Make Time For?

18 Oct

Jiminy CricketWishcasting Wednesday: What do I wish to make time for?

I have three responses to this week’s prompt:

  1. More time playing
  2. More time accomplishing nagging tasks
  3. More time living in my body


For me, the hardest part of The Artist’s Way is the weekly artist’s date.  I have a very difficult time relaxing enough to just enjoy something pleasantly silly.  I’d like to spend a little more time planning and enjoying these dates, so I can give myself the opportunity to be joyful and exuberant and delighted and other such adjectives.

Nagging Tasks

At the same time, I’d also like to claim a little time each week to do the things I put off.  Like it or not, my car needs to be vacuumed, the kitchen cupboards need to cleaned, and my clothes need to be rearranged for winter.  I want to create a time to accomplish some of those things I’ve been procrastinating on so diligently.

Being In My Body

I over-think; I spend a lot of time in my head.  Every once in a while, I want to spend some of that time in my body.  I want to put my body’s needs first; I want act and react instead of wait and contemplate.  I’m pretty happy with my body, so I’d like to make sure I spend some time appreciating it and enjoying it.

Unconditional Love Is a Lie

14 Oct

I’ve been thinking about love and compassion this week.  After some thought, I don’t think love for other people can be unconditional.  (Children and other close family members being the exception.)  However, I think that compassion and love of the self is by nature unconditional.

Love is a deep emotional bond, and it’s not something that we can feel for everyone.  Even forming that bond with someone does not guarantee that it will be permanent; people and circumstances always change.  All of this reverses when I start thinking about myself instead of others.  I need to be able to offer myself unconditional love, as well as unconditional compassion.  I’ve always found it easy to love myself, but I am struggling to offer myself compassion.  It’s something I want to work on, because I believe compassion is a component of love.

I work at a daycare and it’s currently cold and flu season.  I feel a lot of compassion toward our sick kids (and our healthy kids), but I do not necessarily love them.  I want them to recover, and I do what I can to remove their immediate suffering, but that is not love, that is compassion.

I am coming to love some of them, but it’s not unconditional.  I will not be able to maintain my love for any of these children if they grow up to be people I don’t like, but I will still be able to feel compassion for them.  I’ll still see and want to alleviate their suffering; that is unconditional.


What are your thoughts about the difference between love and compassion?  Are their situations where compassion should be conditional?
*(Thanks to Amy at The Handmade and Natural Life for making me think about unconditional self-love.)

Wishcasting Wednesday: How Do You Wish To Be Loved?

12 Oct

How Do I Wish To Be Loved?

I wish to be loved honestly.  I think a big part of love is seeing someone as they really are and not only accepting that reality, but placing value on it.

There are a few ways we can love dishonestly:

  • Loving the past at the expense of the present
  • Loving who we wish our loved ones were
  • Loving who they have the potential to become more than who they are
  • Loving because they meet some need — money, shelter, emotional support — and we’re afraid it will be taken away if we don’t love
  • Loving because we are being hurt by someone and need to justify their presence in our life
  • Loving because the idea of not loving makes us feel afraid or because we don’t know what else to do

Loving dishonestly seems so complicated now that I’ve written it out; I guess I also want to be loved simply.  Just loved, no explanations needed.

Wishcasting Wednesday: One Day

4 Oct

Jiminy CricketWhat do I wish to do one day?

One day I wish to have a healthy, happy relationship.  A couple of weeks ago I wished to immerse myself in my new relationship, and what I’m learning from that is that I have a very difficult time with intimacy.  (So does he.  If this doesn’t work out at least I’ll know why.)

Specifically, I have a hard time being vulnerable, and people who can’t be vulnerable can’t make connections with others.  I want to connect.  I specifically want to connect with my current partner, but I think it’s important to have the ability to connect in and of itself.  So what I really wish for is to learn the how to make connections; having a happy, healthy relationship will be the tangible evidence that I can allow myself to be vulnerable to others and that I can form intimate connections.