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The Artist’s Way: Week 7

20 Nov

“Expect the universe to support your dream. It will.”  The Artist’s Way, pg. 119

“The Great Tao extends everywhere.  All things depend on it for growth, and it does not deny them.”  Tao Te Ching #34 (from Thinking Body, Dancing Mind)

The Artist's Way by Julia CameronPerfectionism is also a big focus of this chapter.  It’s something I’m trying to let go of and it’s getting easier.  One of my mantras is “progress, not perfection,” and that reminds me to move forward without obsessing over the details.  Fractal flowers are mentioned as well, but not by name.  Risk begets risk and action begets action.  Or, making dinner leads to cleaning the kitchen which leads to knitting which leads to morning pages which leads to blogging.

My artist’s date was…nonexistent, but I did practice abundance (as learned in Chapter 6) by buying myself a couple pounds of grapes.  Such a simple things, but I’m happy every time I go to the refrigerator and find them waiting.

Morning pages were also less than perfect — my computer died and I had to wait a week for the new one to arrive (Yay, new computer!  I named her Thrace.) which did terrible things to my routine.  I’ve been doing the morning pages online and I’ve been doing them every day and enjoying them, but I did not adjust to doing them by hand.  I wrote every day, but certainly not three pages.  I’m so very happy to be getting back to my routine.

And I think that’s part of what I’m learning in this chapter.  It’s all about a sense of connection, about being able to trust that if I put the effort in, there will be enough synchronicity, enough cooperation from the universe to inspire me and help me see my projects through.  However, I need to put forth the initial effort, and for me that means I need to have a routine in place.  It’s hard to create something new, but it’s easy to make creation part of my routine.

 * * *

What routines do you have?  How do they help you?  Do you have any routines that hold you back?

Hello Universe: Self Care

7 Nov

What I Want

I want to feel better.  I am still feeling sick, so I’m tired and I’m struggling to find motivation.  I want to provide myself with the self care necessary to make me healthy.

The Potential I Can See

I can nap.

I can go to bed early.

I can eat well– chicken soup and an abundance of fruit come to mind.

I can acknowledge how I feel and what I need.

My Commitment

I commit to being gentle with myself.  There is so much I want to do, but it will all be easier once I feel better and have some energy available.  I don’t need to put pressure on myself out of pride or a misguided sense of obligation.

* * *

What makes you feel better when you’re sick?

Hello Universe: Let’s Do The Time Warp Again!

31 Oct

I’m going to break from my usual formula this week because I know exactly what I want to do.  I want to dance along to the theme from Rocky Horror every day this week.  I went to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show Saturday night and I had fun.  I want to have more fun.


Four minutes a day for the next seven days.  It certainly fits in with last week’s attempt at joyful movement.  Let’s see what happens.

* * *

I highly encourage you to join in.  Dance along at least once — even if you’re wearing ridiculously high heels on a slippery theater floor.

Hello Universe: Joyful Movement

24 Oct
Chestnut Tree

It's a joyful tree.

Last week’s effort to increase my emotional awareness was educational and interesting.  I’ve glad I made that a priority and I plan to continue to pay attention to what I am feeling.  It sounds so basic when I write it out, but it felt like a revelation.

Wednesday I wished to spend more time playing and more time living in my body.  This week I’m asking the Universe to help me combine those wishes into some joyful movement.

What I Want

I want to make a habit of joyfully moving and enjoying my body.  I want to live in my body and love every second of it.

I’ve frequently thought that I should get more exercise — I always feel good after exercising and it’s good for my body.  However, that’s not a very interesting approach, and it’s not surprising that I can typically think of something better to do.  This week I want to focus on enjoying my body and what she/we/I can do.

The Potential I Can See

I can play!

I can get out my skirt and belly dance.

I can do some of the yoga poses that make me feel strong.

I can take walks and run down the hills.

I could put on some music and dance around the apartment — this is why YouTube exists.

I can also be open to a universe of possibilities that I haven’t even thought of yet.

My Commitment

I commit to trying something new every day this week and paying attention to the amount of joy I feel.  I commit to repeating the fun stuff and passing over the boring stuff.

I commit to loving my body and spending some time with her/me.

* * *

How do you find joy in your body?

3 Quick Tips to Cultivate Emotional Awareness

21 Oct

Earlier this week I set a goal to be more attentive to how I’m feeling, to encourage a sense of emotional awareness.  I enjoyed the practice and I’d like to continue it, so here’s what I found helpful:

  1. Find a trigger.  When are you going to ask yourself how you’re feeling?  It’s too difficult to just remember to do it, so having a time or action to prompt you can be very helpful.  I took a minute (and it really only takes a minute) during my drive to work, on each of my three breaks at work, as I walked into my apartment after work, and just before going to sleep to check in with myself.  Having several different triggers gives you plenty of opportunity to cultivate awareness, even if you happen to miss a couple or it turns out that one of your triggers isn’t very effective.
  2. Awareness does not necessitate action.  Start off small.  Notice how you are feeling and if you can easily make an improvement, feel free to do so.  However, the initial goal is to get in the habit of noticing our emotions, nothing more.  Telling ourselves we have to immediately change every negative emotion creates an enormous burden; why would we turn that burden into a habit?  Instead, note your feelings, offer yourself some compassion, and move on.  Do not get caught up in negative self-talk.
  3. Write it down.  Once or twice a day, I actually write down a sentence or two about what I’m feeling.  Nothing long, just enough to acknowledge my emotions.  It helps when I’m struggling to identify them, and it helps illustrate patterns.  Right now the patterns aren’t important, but once emotional awareness has become a habit, we’re going to want to change the negative patterns and encourage the positive ones.

* * *

How do you cultivate emotional awareness?  How do you incorporate how you feel into your life in a helpful way?

How to Identify and Change Your Core Story

18 Oct

The purpose of this blog is to document and share the changes I’m making to my core beliefs.  In the past few weeks I’ve started to see some real change and growth, so I thought I’d share some of the tools and information I’ve found helpful thus far.


The Reverb prompts were what started this blog.  I’d written a few posts prior to December 2010, but I was never consistent or focused.  It was the final prompt that really gave me something to think about and something to write about.  It took some time to commit to making such big changes though, so aside from a valiant effort in January, I wrote very little between Reverb10 and August.


I can’t remember how I first learned about Wishcasting Wednesdays, but I’m so glad I did.  I can’t change my core story without having an idea of how I want the new story to read.  The Wishcasting prompts have been useful tools for asking myself questions about what I want, a vital part of writing that new story.  They have also connected me to a lovely, supportive community, which I greatly appreciate.

The Artist’s Way

It’s an entire book about changing your core story.  It doesn’t matter what your old story was or what your new story will be, this book is about how to get from the old to the new.  I’m happy I’m reading it right now and I’m finding it very helpful.  I’ll give the book its own post once I’ve completed it, but it already deserves mention here.

My Affirmations

I started these on my own, but I received some reinforcement from The Artist’s Way.

  • I can do this.
  • I am focused and well disciplined.
  • Progress, not perfection.

After a few weeks, I’m actually starting to see evidence of all three of these.  It sounds so hokey, but they have made a difference for me and they’re becoming an important part of how I rewrite my core story.

750 Words

It’s the space where I write my morning pages for The Artist’s Way, but I love it and I’m sure I’ll use it long after I complete the book.  It’s simple, yet fun, and provides me some extra little incentives to write.  (I love the badges.)  As I write (it takes about 20 minutes to write all 750 words), I notice patterns, or things I didn’t realize I was thinking or feeling.  The stream-of-consciousness nature is an excellent way to get in touch with what I want.


I enjoy Havi Brooks’ blog.  She inspires me to listen to myself and offer myself some compassion.  Rewriting my core story isn’t going to be easy, so I’m going to need that compassion to help me through this project.  I’m also going to need to listen to myself, so I can remember who I am and learn who I want to be.

I also used her Very Personal Ads as the template for my weekly Hello, Universe post.  Those posts have become a great practice for identifying what I want or need at any given moment.

How to Change a Habit

It’s not just about fixing the bad habits, we also have to try to create new good habits.  Scott H. Young offers some great advice on how to make those changes, all of which is directly applicable to rewriting your core story.  I’ll give a brief summary here, but it’s worthwhile to read the entire post.

  1. Set a conditioning period.  Don’t focus on results yet, focus on actions instead.  A perfect example of my “Progress, not perfection,” affirmation.
  2. Do it every day.  That’s the best way to turn a fluke into a habit, and the reason I post daily.
  3. Replace what you’re eliminating.  There’s a great explanation in the article and I think this is the crux of being able to enjoy the habit.
  4. Begin with the start in mind.  Focus on doing something and scaling up from there; the end goal will eventually become more attainable.

Remember Who You Are

I read Pam Slim’s contribution over at Gaping Void quite some time ago, but it was the phrase “remember who you are” that stuck with me.  Who am I?  How did I become this person?  Who do I want to be?  How can I become that person?  How did I get so far away from her in the first place? Those are the big questions I’m asking myself as I try to change my core story.

* * *

What tools do you use when you’re trying to make big changes?  What inspires you to examine your core beliefs?

Hello Universe: Emotional Awareness

15 Oct

I’ve very pleased with how well I did practicing compassion this week.  These weekly goals are very helpful for me; they give me a way to focus without putting on undue pressure.

This week, I would like to bring my attention to my awareness of my emotional needs.  I tend to ignore how I’m feeling until it builds up into something explosive, which can sometimes cause unnecessarily impulsive actions.  I’d rather treat myself with a little more compassion.

What I Want

I want to be more attentive to how I’m feeling and what I’m having those feelings.  I want to be able to make small adjustments before I have to make major changes.  I want to pay attention to my needs and address them with love and compassion.

The Potential I Can See

As is so often the case, simply wanting to make this change should be a good start.  Once I begin the practice of acknowledging how I feel and making compassionate improvements, I’ll be able to refine the practice as needed.

My Commitment

I commit to being attentive.  I commit to being open to feeling that I typically would ignore or try to quash.  I commit to treating myself with care and compassion.  I commit to trusting myself and listening to what my emotions are trying to communicate.

* * *

How to do your emotions influence you?  Do you feel like you’re consistently aware of them and ready to act on them?