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Reverb11: How did your passion inspire you?

2 Dec

The Ood (Doctor Who)How did your passion inspire you?

It’s almost a cliche  to talk about find your passion or living your dreams, but in 2011 people who have chosen to follow their passion, wherever it leads them were my biggest sources of inspiration.

For people guided by their passion, their dreams are their priority, and that is reflected in every decision they make.  In Doctor Who there is a race called the Ood.  The Ood have two brains: the typical brain that resides in the head, and an auxiliary brain that they hold in one hand.  Holding part of your brain in your hand tends to make you vulnerable, which may make the Ood the patron race for living your passion.  Your dream is out there, being held in your hand, for everyone to see.  You’re leaving that passion open to the scrutiny and criticism of anyone who cares to look.  It’s a scary, scary thing.

However, living in pursuit of your dream means you always have a joyful guide.  If your actions will bring you closer to that dream, that’s all it takes to know you’re on the right path.  Priorities become clear and life simplifies itself.  (Which is not to imply that it becomes easy.)  The Ood do not have names because they are one; living your dream will help you find and recognize where you belong, leading you to the people you are already one with.

It’s easier to be guided by what we “should” do rather than what we’re passionate about.  It’s easier to pursue “should” instead of our dreams.  It’s easier to let what we think we “should” do write our core story than it is to rewrite it ourselves.  What are you passionate about?  What’s first step to living that dream?


My Internet Dependency Is Okay!

22 Nov

Besides, I stopped using the internet for escapism years ago.

I essentially went a week without the internet when my computer died.  (I did have my Ipod Touch, but I used it sparingly because I couldn’t charge it.)  During that week I caught myself thinking that I should be just fine without the internet and wondering if it was healthy to be so dependent on technology.  It was an interesting insight to an aspect of my core story that I haven’t really examined yet: apparently I think the internet (all of the internet, no exceptions) is nothing but a means of escapism and I should be strong enough not to need it.

This is exactly why I’m rewriting my core story.  Now that I’ve brought that belief into the light I can see it for the craziness and hypocrisy that it is.  Obviously there are plenty of ways to waste time online, but just as obviously that’s not all that’s possible and that’s certainly not all that I do with the internet.  I use the internet because it is a useful tool.

I also realized that I’d unwittingly picked that idea up from a few friends and family members who feel intimidated by computers and the internet and that makes them feel a little insecure.  They’re dealing with their own “shoulds” on the matter, and their disparaging comments are a means of justifying their choice not to use these tools, not a criticism of me or my actions.

No one has ever suggested that I am too dependent on these things; I intercepted their self-talk and internalized it and let it influence me.   I don’t need to feel insecure about my enthusiasm for all the internet has to offer; it’s a useful tool, and I’m very happy I have a beautiful new machine to enjoy it with.

* * *

What messages have you intercepted and internalized?  Have they helped you or hindered you?

Seeds Planted #8

5 Nov

Future oak trees“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

I still find this exercise difficult: I end every week wondering just what I did that might help me move forward.  It’s hard to remember that seeds are often tiny things; hopefully they’ll grow into something healthy (and impressive), but right now they are so small as to be almost negligible.  However, I do this exercise every week because I don’t want to underestimate the power of small things, or small actions.

  1. I used Facebook to start some great conversations about faith.  My brother is creating his own brand of spirituality and it’s inspiring; I have a lot to learn from him.  One of my cousins converted from Catholicism to Evangelical Christianity, and I’m enjoying learning about her beliefs and the way they’ve changed.
  2. I’m getting sick, so I’m exhausted.  Instead of pushing myself to do all those things I “should” be doing, as would be typical for me, I’m actually going to be early and taking care of myself.  (Hence the recent lack of blog posts.)  Going to bed earlier is such a small thing, but it’s evidence of a big shift in my priorities.
  3. I showed my roommate some appreciation.  She deserves it.
  4. Two weeks ago I started the practice of a “responsibility date” as a response to the “artist’s dates” advocated by The Artist’s Way.  It’s a way for me to accomplish those nagging tasks I neglect without turning it into a daily ordeal of procrastination and disappointment.  They are wonderful.

* * *

What tiny, insignificant things have a huge potential in your life?

What Do I Wish to Let Go?

25 Oct
Photo credit: colon+right.bracket @ Flickr

Photo credit: colon+right.bracket @ Flickr

Wishcasting Wednesday: What Do I Wish to Let Go Of?

I wish to let go of the word should.

I’m feeling a lot of stress right now, and I’m exacerbating the problem by thinking, “Maybe I should do this.”  “Maybe I should have done it that way.”  “I wonder if I should…”

Those thoughts do not help me progress in any way.  Instead, they are a way for me to over-think and an attempt to control both the future and the past.

I wish to let go of the word should, and in doing so, help myself let go of my desire to over-think and my desire to control and micromanage.

Hello Universe: Joyful Movement

24 Oct
Chestnut Tree

It's a joyful tree.

Last week’s effort to increase my emotional awareness was educational and interesting.  I’ve glad I made that a priority and I plan to continue to pay attention to what I am feeling.  It sounds so basic when I write it out, but it felt like a revelation.

Wednesday I wished to spend more time playing and more time living in my body.  This week I’m asking the Universe to help me combine those wishes into some joyful movement.

What I Want

I want to make a habit of joyfully moving and enjoying my body.  I want to live in my body and love every second of it.

I’ve frequently thought that I should get more exercise — I always feel good after exercising and it’s good for my body.  However, that’s not a very interesting approach, and it’s not surprising that I can typically think of something better to do.  This week I want to focus on enjoying my body and what she/we/I can do.

The Potential I Can See

I can play!

I can get out my skirt and belly dance.

I can do some of the yoga poses that make me feel strong.

I can take walks and run down the hills.

I could put on some music and dance around the apartment — this is why YouTube exists.

I can also be open to a universe of possibilities that I haven’t even thought of yet.

My Commitment

I commit to trying something new every day this week and paying attention to the amount of joy I feel.  I commit to repeating the fun stuff and passing over the boring stuff.

I commit to loving my body and spending some time with her/me.

* * *

How do you find joy in your body?

The Artist’s Way: Recovering a Sense of Power

23 Oct

Chapter 3 talked about anger and I felt it, along with fear, frustration, and resentment.  I’m very glad I’m keeping up with the morning pages; it’s a neutral place for me to dump all that negativity.  I can write it down, examine it as I type, and move on without having to dwell on it because it’s living in my head.

I’m getting better at identifying my fears which is very helpful.  If I look at them and see them for what they are, instead of just feeling afraid without quite knowing why, I can learn to move forward and not be held back by those fears.  All of this is an example of synchronicity — I set the intention to spend the week focusing on emotional awareness before I read chapter three.

This week’s artist’s date was fun.  I went for a walk and took pictures of autumn.  I have a tendency to use the word “should” a lot when it comes to the camera — probably the reason I rarely take pictures — but today I did a nice job of pointing the camera at things that interested me without worrying about what I might be missing.  That’s the big lesson I’ve learned from this project thus far: progress, not perfection.

As far as tasks go, I answered the 20 “detective work” questions, made a list of supportive friends, and made an effort to stay in touch with them.  I’m not geographically close to many of my friends, so I find Facebook very helpful…perhaps not what Julia Cameron envisioned in 1992, but I’m glad I have more options than the telephone.

* * *

Two questions from chapter three resonated with me and I would love to hear your responses:

1.  If I had had a perfect childhood, I’d have grown up to be…

2.  My God (whatever definition you use) thinks artists are…

Seeds Planted #6

22 Oct

Fibonacci!“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

Changes to my posting schedule made this a short week, but I still managed to plant a few seeds.

  1. I applied for a couple of jobs.  I’m just not satisfied with my current position, so I’m trying to trade up.
  2. I was diligent about being attentive to my emotions.
  3. I participated in a feminist blog carnival!  I didn’t expect it to be fun, but I enjoyed it.
  4. I had an idea for a new project that I’m excited about; skiing is my big passion, and this project is all about skiing.  I plan to be able to share it on December 1st, if not sooner.

I find it helpful to take a few minutes each week to remember what efforts I made.  It’s so easy for me to get caught up in the progress I think I should be making or the results I think I should have, that I forget that progress and results depend on an initial action.

* * *

What actions are you taking?  How are you making progress?