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Reverb11: Yours, Mine, Ours

1 Dec

To the surprise of no one, Gwen Bell announced that there would be no official Reverb11 this year.  I’m disappointed — that was an excellent exercise for me.  However, it was an excellent exercise for me, so I’m going to do it again this year.  I wrote 31 prompts and I’m excited to start ending 2011.

Despite writing new prompts for myself, I want to begin this project with a nod to Reverb10.  Today’s prompt comes from Kaileen Elise:

Where did 2011 begin?

Skiing is my big passion, so every year I eagerly wait for cold weather and snow so I can gleefully slide down a mountain.  The year never really feels complete until the ski season ends, and this year that was especially true.

This year I was working as a ski instructor in the morning and cooking at night, leading to 60-70 hour work weeks, so the first third of 2011 is largely a sleep-deprived blur.  However, by May the weather was finally too warm for the snow to hold up and Tahoe’s amazing 2010/2011 season came to an end.  My year began a week later when I performed my end-of-season ritual with my roommate.  That ritual pushed us from roommates to friends and hit the reset button for me, so my year began.  I moved to Spokane within the week.

I’ve spent this year working to find my place here, trying to define my identity so clearly that I can take it anywhere without feeling like I’m starting over.  I’m re-evaluating and rebuilding my core story, examining my beliefs and making room for a little more faith in myself, a little more self-compassion.  It has not been an easy year, but last December I recognized that I had a lot of work to do if I wanted to change my life.

I’m not sure when 2012 will begin or how 2011 will end, but I do hope that I end 2011 with copious amounts of gleefully sliding down a mountain and begin 2012 feeling love and compassion for a new friend.

* * *

How do you end the year?  Are you participating in a reincarnation of Reverb or some other project?  Share the links in the comments.

Body and Risk

3 Dec
Sami woman on skis, adapted from Olaus Magnus,...
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Reverb10: Moment. Pick one moment during which you felt most alive this year. Describe it in vivid detail (texture, smells, voices, noises, colors).  (Author: Ali Edwards)

There are several moments, all of them important.

The first moment was less a moment and more a season; I made real progress with my skiing last winter and it showed itself in my ability to ski steeper, scarier terrain.  I was able to enjoy some terrain that I never thought I’d be able to ski.  I made some new mental connections and clarified exactly what I’m trying to do when I teach my own lessons*.  I love skiing more than anything else and it shows.

Another moment came after taking some drugs and spending the evening in bed.  I felt an incredibly strong connection to both my body and my partner and I want those connections (not necessarily that partner) to become a frequent part of my life.

The last moment also involved sex; a couple of months ago I had amazing chemistry with a casual encounter.  I felt very comfortable trying new things and taking a few risks with him.  I had a wonderful time with him and feel our night was something I’ve needed.

All three of these incidents brought me closer to my body via some sort of risk.  I am not suggesting that I should make 2011 the year of stupidity and recklessness, but I need to pay more attention to my body and I need to be less afraid to take a few chances.  I’ll be okay; I’ll actually probably be better.

*I am trying to teach people to use their bodies to find the same joy I do.  I don’t want my clients to walk away with a few pleasant memories; I want them to walk away fully addicted and in love.