What’s Going on Here?

A photo of me.Hi, I’m Jill.

In December of 2010 I participated in a writing project, Reverb10. It prompted me to examine my life and I realized that my core story, the things I believe without thinking, impedes my growth and happiness. I explained just what I’m trying to move away from in 5 Lessons I Don’t Want to Learn.

Part of this is purely a class thing. I grew up working class in the poorest county in Michigan, which means my idea of normal is skewed to a poverty mentality. I want my idea of normal to shift toward prosperity, optimism, and possibility. A little upward mobility is in order.

I’m using this blog as a record and progress guide as I rewrite my core story. I’m trying to learn how to make meaningful and lasting change, and I want to share what I learn because I don’t think I’m the only one who could use a new normal.