The Artist’s Way: Chapter Two

16 Oct

I’m enjoying working my way through The Artist’s Way.  This book is making me feel more productive, and more open to my own potential.  In some ways, I feel like my life is coming together very nicely.  Of course I also feel like it’s coming together very, very slowly.  I’m not patient, but at least I can see progress.

This week I accomplished several tasks:

  1. I did morning pages every day.  (I do them at night — I am not a morning person.)
  2. I managed an artist’s date!  I really just stayed home and spent several hours doing creative things — baking bread, coloring, and knitting.  It was fun and relaxing, and those qualities have been terribly absent from my life lately.
  3. I made a list of 20 things I enjoy doing.  I also noted the last time I remember doing each of those things…I’m glad I’m actively working to make my life better.
  4. However, I am doing a few of those things routinely, so I made a point of continuing them, and I this week I tried to include a few of the neglected items.
  5. I made a list of ten tiny changes I could do that would make my life better.  I had some success with two changes, but it’s too soon to declare victory.
  6. I rewrote the basic principles to be more helpful to me.

I’m ending the week feeling focused, with a few ideas of what I could do to make myself happier.    What more could I ask for?

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