Wishcasting Wednesday: Enjoy

26 Aug
Photo credit: colon+right.bracket @ Flickr

Photo credit: colon+right.bracket @ Flickr

What do I wish to enjoy?

I wish to enjoy my life.  How do I do that?  What do I need to make my life enjoyable?

  1. Adequate money
  2. Good health
  3. Pleasant physical surroundings
  4. Positive relationships
  5. An environment of growth

Next I need to identify the best way to achieve and maintain those five things.  I also need to carefully identify and eliminate problems and frustrations from my life.  I am guilty of letting perfect be the enemy of good; instead I need to do what I can when I notice it.

I think self-doubt is my biggest obstacle right now.  I’m overly focused on what I should be doing and what could go wrong with what I am doing.  I’m going to be okay.  This might not take me where I want to go, but it might.  At worst, I will learn from it and be in a better position to take myself there.


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