22 Aug

Last night brought the first flow of income from my new venture!  I enjoyed the experience and hope to replicate it tonight.

I’m coming up with several ways to learn new skills, and more importantly, I’m following through with them.  I’m worried I’m being self-indulgent and that I should be more focused on finding a “real” job so I have a steady stream of income.  I’m trying to remember that very few things on my resume have ever made me happy or given me the income I wanted.  Why would I rush back into that?

Well, because they provided me with the income I needed and I’m going to need more money very soon.  School starts in a couple of weeks and I have to be able to pay for it.  I should learn my financial aid status by Friday, and while I originally didn’t want to take loans, now I’m willing to do it.  I’d rather spend this time focusing on improving myself than being a wage slave.

I’ve been thinking about class lately and how I was raised and how that differs from what I want for myself.  My family is working class and while no one is struggling or suffering, money is always a factor.  Anything that is not a necessity requires careful consideration before purchase and many purchases require planning and saving.  I don’t want to live like that.

Instead, I’d rather know that not only are my basic needs always going to be met, but I’ll be able take a brief vacation on a whim or buy a new pair of skis when I want them or donate money to a new charity when I find it.  I don’t think that’s a lot to strive for, but I think it’s becoming increasingly difficult for many people to achieve.  I’m not sure if I think that because it’s true, or if I think that because of the socioeconomic class of the majority of my friends and family.

Something has to change, and right now it’s me.


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