Career Revolution: Still in progress.

21 Aug

I quit my job.  The plan was to wait until I had something better lined up, but I was really unhappy there and the situation was consistently degrading.  Obviously it’s a bit terrifying to watch money go out without coming in, but I’m getting more out of this time than I was out of that job.

I’m getting better at identifying my skills, but now I need to rework my resume.  Another reason I need to improve my resume?  I’ve been very focused on learning new skills and improving existing skills.  I’m working my way through an Excel tutorial and making small websites for my dad and my step-dad.  I’ve been using WordPress for those, but I just downloaded the trial version of Dreamweaver so I can work on my html and css skills.

In addition to skill acquisition, I’m spending some time trying to start a small side business.  It’s still very early, but I’m getting a favorable response and I’m optimistic.  I’ve known I wanted a less traditional job path for quite some time, and now I’m pursuing it instead of just thinking how nice it would be to have it.

  • I want to be paid well by people who value my services instead of working for people who only want the cheapest workhorse they can find.
  • I want a job that will utilize my skills and ideas instead of just my ability to fit in and follow directions.
  • I want a job that will encourage my growth and success instead of trying to limit me to their immediate needs.

A small part of my brain insists the economy is terrible and I should just take any job I can get and learn to deal with it.  The rest of me thinks that is stupid.  Why would I force myself to be so unhappy and under-stimulated when I can at least try to create something better for myself?  I’ll never be happy if I just settle, especially if I’m settling out of fear.

I believe I can make my life better, so why wouldn’t I try?


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