Career Revolution: Day 3

3 Aug
Excel 1992-94

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I failed at my meeting today, but I applied to four jobs.  I’m so excited about this process; it’s forcing me to look at my options and to re-evaluate my skills and experiences.  I feel like I’m learning useful things.  I do expect some of these applications (probably a lower percentage than in previous job searches, due to pushing myself outside of my comfort zone) to turn into interviews and the interview process is always educational.  I’m also hoping I receive multiple job offers so I can improve my negotiation skills.  Women don’t do nearly enough negotiation and I want that skill in my repertoire.

Skill acquisition has actually been today’s theme.  I’m having a hard time filling out the skills segment on LinkedIn and that’s ridiculous: I have skills, so why wouldn’t I make sure people know about them?  Instead I keep thinking about the skills I think I should have, but don’t.  There will always be many useful things that I don’t know, so what’s important to me?  What skills are important enough for me to spend my time learning them?

Excel is the one that keeps coming up.  I am actually embarrassed by how little I can do with that program.  It’s such a basic and useful skill and I don’t have it.  I found a course that looks promising and a great coupon, bringing the cost down to $15.  I was going to take a class at school, but $15 beats the price of tuition by far.

The other skills I’m going to focus on?  My ability to use html and css.  I do have those skills, but they are not impressive.  I think I’ll build a website for my dad’s side business as a way to improve.  I’ll have something to show other people, and something for his birthday in September.  Win.

Today’s big win was doing a small copy-editing job for a friend of mine.  It was my first experience copy-editing and I was a bit nervous about making changes to his writing, but he loved it!  Yay for both of us.

So, tomorrow, I must not fail at meeting with a counselor at school.  I’m also going to apply for two jobs and purchase the Excel tutorial.  And of course I will continue using LinkedIn (which I’m really starting to enjoy) and Brazen Careerist, along with trying to use Facebook and Twitter in a productive manner.

Any advice about learning Excel or html and css?  Resources?  Tips?  I’ll take all the help I can get.

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