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29 Jul
Myrmicaria brunnea feeding on sugar crystals

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So I want to write in this space every day.  Right now I’m breaking it down a bit until it becomes habitual: every day for a week and then we’ll see what’s next.

I’m also doing this with refined sugar.  I love both baking and eating, and I was taking a cake decorating class, so that meant I was consuming far more sugar than felt good.   Unlike blogging, I have no intention of making the lack of sugar a routine, but I do want see how it feels to have less of it for some time.  I wasn’t sure I’d be able to even go a week, but this is day three, and while I do want it, I’m just fine without actually having it.

I’m in a finishing state of mind.  I’m completing knitting projects, focusing on getting school settled, and incorporating more structure into my day.  I’m also spending some time reading books I’ve yet to finish, and tidying my physical space.  I tend to do these things when I’m about to start something new or make a big change, so even my subconscious is ready for whatever comes next.

I am always ready to rush progress and I become restless when it doesn’t happen fast enough, but I need to remember that the day-to-day small actions are how I will arrive at my destination.  Every day, no exceptions.

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