29 Jul

I moved to Spokane, WA in May.  After living here for over two months, I feel like I’m settling in my destination.  I’m here so I can go back school while enjoying a low cost of living not available in Tahoe or Seattle, my next destination.  I have clear, measurable goals here and those keep me focused and remind me of why I have upended my life.

Since moving here I only have one job.  Part of the reason I decided to go back to school was because I was overworking myself (70+ hours a week) in my efforts to actually pay bills and ski enough.  I did not ski enough, and while I did pay bills, I still wasn’t able to save anything.  Something needed to change, and I’m glad I have a more normal schedule.  Still, it’s strange to have just one source of income.  Despite the lower cost of living and the higher rate of pay, I still don’t feel secure; I want to diversify my income stream.

And that’s why I’m writing this.  I spend huge amounts of time online and I use the internet for what seems to be a wide variety of things, but is really just one thing: I connect to other people.  I read their ideas, watch as they solve problems, expose myself to different opinions, keep informed about our shared world, and so much more.

I’ve been doing this aimlessly for years, thoroughly enjoying the journey.  That’s not enough though, there needs to be a destination.  I want to create a real community for myself; I want to find my people and offer what I can to our community.  I want to develop real relationships and learn what I can create with the people I meet.  I want to create things that are me, and I want to collaborate.

I don’t think this destination is fully formed, but at least it’s not just an aimless journey anymore.


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