“Why it’s some sort of recipe.”

15 Jan

I have a new goal for 2011: I’m going to try a new recipe every week.  I make note of new recipes all the time, but I’m terrible about actually trying them.  As that I love to cook and I need to have food in the house, I very much need to change that.

Tonight I made banana bread, and since I needed to use up some rapidly aging yogurt, I tried this recipe. In addition to the cinnamon, I also added a pinch of mace and a large handful of walnuts.  I found that making one big loaf resulted in an over-cooked crust and an undercooked center, so I highly recommend making two small loaves.

I also made one of my favorite recipes — chicken and dumplings — tonight.  That will serve as breakfast for the next few days; I do much better if I start the day with something high in protein and low in sugar.  I can actually make it through a ski lesson if I eat properly

Now I need to find another recipe to try next week.  I’m hoping for a entree or a side-dish — most of the recipes I save are deserts.


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