Let’s just assume I have work to do.

11 Jan
I'm willing to fight my own stupidity.
Image by jamelah via Flickr

Ramit has a great post about testing assumptions. Reading made me pause and consider some of the things I’ve taken for granted without actually examining why I think that way.  It’s all part of rewriting my story.

So, order of the challenge they present, here are the three biggest assumptions holding me back:

  1. My cooking job is not and cannot benefit me.
  2. Building a community will not simply take hard work, it will actually be hard to do.
  3. I will be broke and over-tired for the next few years.

Do I need to tell you these are stupid assumptions and that they are not serving me in any way?  Of course not, but I did need to tell me that.  So, I’m going to take Ramit’s advice and actually do something about it.

  1. I’m going to go into work tomorrow and talk to my boss about how we can make my job into something I look forward to.
  2. I’m going to continue doing the work to develop the community I want, but I’m going to go about it intelligently.  I’m going to try a few different things and pay attention to what gets me the results I want and what isn’t useful.
  3. This one is harder — I believe this deeply, even without reasonable cause.  I think it’s going to help me to make sure I’m routinely putting money aside for my financial goals.  Both seeing that I am able to save money and actually having that money will be quiet the scared little voice spewing this nonsense.  My theme for February is money, so hopefully that will help me quash this baseless assumption.

I feel ambitious and I also feel like I have solid plans and excellent guides, but I need to set up some accountability and monitoring.  I suspect a few of my goals are getting lost in my revolution.


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