2011: How to do it.

9 Jan

I’ve assigned each month in 2011 a theme, a book, and a charity.  Each month I’ll focus on the chosen theme, read a nonfiction book I hope I will find helpful, and back it up with a small donation to a (somewhat) related charity.  January’s theme is planning, so I decided to read Finding Your Own North Star by Martha Beck.  I’ll also be renewing my membership to Erowid, the website that has helped me plan some lovely adventures.

I’m excited about this and I suppose that alone is good — approaching goals with an attitude of enthusiasm can only make things easier.  My big theme for 2011 is building, with the sub-tenets of structure, direction, and empire.  I think this approach will help me take those big, abstract concepts and turn them into manageable ideas that I can maintain focus on.

We’re barely a week into the year, and I already appreciate the way having a monthly book assignment is structuring my reading.  I’m not trying to read multiple books at once in the hope of benefiting from each of them, ultimately becoming bored/frustrated/overwhelmed and giving up.  Instead I can focus on my chosen book, knowing that I will read each book on the list in due time.   I’m tempted to assign myself four books a month: one to help further my goals, one novel from the reading list, one novel that I’ve already read and loved, and one book with a clear feminist agenda.  Unfortunately I think I would find that overly demanding, so while it’s not a goal, it will be a thought in the back of my head as I select books this year.

Things I’d like to plan in January:

  • Complete a solid plan for 2011, complete with clearly defined goals.
  • Decide how I will communicate with my friends and family in Michigan.
  • Create a plan for this blog and any other social media.
  • Set myself up for financial success.
  • Prepare to go back to school, including changes in location and employment.
  • Note birthdays that will be celebrated with knitting and pull together appropriate materials, ideally eliminating stash.
  • Solidify goals for the ski season.

I love planning and I love knowing I have the time I need.  At first part of me felt I should have been planning in December so I could be ready to implement on the first of the year, but December was for review and evaluation.  I need January to be a month of planning so I can made the best use of what I learned in December.  Already this year I have managed to pay attention to what I need and accept it.  It’s going to be a good year.

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