29 Dec
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Reverb10: Defining Moment. Describe a defining moment or series of events that has affected your life this year.  (Author: Kathryn Fitzmaurice)

Moving.  I moved four times in 2010, and it has left me desperately craving stability.  (Yesterday I almost named stability as what I want to achieve in 2011, but I already plan to move at least once, return to school, and find a new job or two.  No sense setting myself up to fail with unrealistic expectation.)

Even so, each of my moves have come from a place of greater stability than the one before.  When I moved in May, it was because my previous living situation had become so volatile that I no longer felt safe there.  When I moved a month later, it was because of an unethical landlord situation.  When I moved from my apartment in Reno to Paul and Tiff’s apartment in Reno, it was due to my desire to continue living with them, and a bit of convenience.  When I moved back to Tahoe in November, I finally moved because it was the best choice for me at the time and continues to be a good choice.  I can see improvement, little by little.

I am here now and I am enjoying my apartment and my town, but I’m also keeping an eye on the next move.  Even as I unpacked, I asked myself if I needed all of these things.  Every time I buy something I think about how I will move it.  I don’t think I’ll be fully settled until I’m in Seattle, where I’ll be able to commit for two years, where I’ll be able to truly establish a home for myself.

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