Where I’m Going: 2011

22 Dec
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Reverb10: Travel. How did you travel in 2010? How and/or where would you like to travel next year?  (Author: Tara Hunt)

I love traveling.  I love getting in the car and driving for hours on end.  I love packing my bags (carry-on only) for the airport and I love feeling the plane take off.  I love going new places and seeing new things.

In 2010 I flew back to Michigan twice — weddings are great reasons to go home —  but I didn’t go see to any new places.  However, my mother and two of my aunts came to Tahoe for the first time!  We explored some areas of San Francisco that were new to me; it was touristy, but it was wonderful to see the city with them.  Even better was showing them around Tahoe.  I always try to explain it, but none of them have ever really seen mountains like this; I think they get it now.  Honestly, their trip was probably the most fun I had all year.*

As that the Tahoe adventure is coming to an end, I also want to take advantage of my proximity to Vegas and Napa and make time to visit those places this year.  I may also head back to Michigan for yet another wedding and in a perfect world I’ll be able to go to festival.  San Francisco is an amazing city and I want to see more of it, but I know I’ll come back to it no matter where I live.  Vegas?  Now may be the only time I ever want to go.

In 2011 I already have a trip to San Diego planned.  I’ve never been there, and I have both some childhood friends and some former coworkers I’d like to visit.  The real reason for the trip is so I can finally meet a friend of the former roommates.  Our Facebook interactions on our mutual friends profiles has actually been enough fun that I’ve decided to go meet him.  I think we may fly, but if we drive I want to drive along the coast because it is beautiful and possibly stop in Los Angeles, another place I’ve never been, and visit two friends I haven’t seen since high school.

And of course I’ll have to travel to the next adventure, wherever that may be…

*I love my mommy and my aunts.

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